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Here I sit over 30,000 feet in the crisp clear blue sky. As I fly through the sky my mind begins to fill with questions and they begin with “why?” I don’t know for sure if I will get the answers – maybe now – maybe never. Some seemingly dumb,…

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Stop The Black on Black

Gun gangs and violence, killing our population. Even our communication. You’re scaring our people. It is not changing a thing. There is no other place like Bermuda. Children are scared to go out and play. Shooting is almost happening every day. One day we will work it all out. Stop…

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When I look in the newspaper I see someone got shot. Gangs with guns and knives this really has to stop. It’s a murder almost every week. People got spray paint spraying it on the roads, walls, and other places. I don’t know why they are killing each other because…

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The Mission


They say there are three types of people in the world;

1) Those who watch things happen.

2)Those who make things happen.

3)Those who wonder what happened.

Who Am I

My name is Minister George Scott Smith, your Global Positioned Servant, here to make things happen.

I was born and raised in the lovely Island of Bermuda for over twenty years until leaving for College in the USA.

My Passion is working with people who have suffered tragic loss through gun violence. I returned to Bermuda in December 2009–June 2012. During my stay there my first week Bermuda a friend of mines son was gunned down yards away from his home and killed. His mother being a member of my church was how I found myself in her home hours after the incident with other church members. We sang songs and prayed and cried together. I didn’t realize that this would be the start of my long Journey to help fight against the gun violence that has plagued our Paradise Bermuda.

I decided to lay down my tools and go all out. I went into the schools Elementry, Middle, and High as well as the streets and Prisons. Developing relationships with the young ones and their parents. Seeking ways to beat back this wave of violence which by the end of my stay after two years and twenty funerals later I knew that more needed to be done.

Here I am now in the USA, seeking to Position myself to do what I started back in Bermuda.

The Goal

As you look at this website and videos, you will have a clearer picture of what I’m all about. We can bring about positive change in the minds and hearts of our youth as well as those from all walks of life.The goal here is to change the lives of many on a global scale. For bookings to speak at Schools, churches, Special Events, and Prisons I may be contacted anytime at.


Phone: 404-512-7667

Email: hesstillthere@hotmail.com